Radha here: about a month ago, after many weekly visits and walks around the block, I had the great privilege of adopting a cute little Pomeranian rescue named Mia who had stolen my heart. Shortly before her spay, and while she was still living at the rescue, I noticed that she seemed pretty itchy and uncomfortable and was licking her paws furiously. I figured it was probably an intolerance to one or more of the ingredients in the kibble she was eating (very common) and I was confident it would clear up once I started feeding her a raw diet. I knew there might be a period of detox following the change in diet and took that into account.

I brought her home and over the next few days, despite the change in diet, the licking continued. Conveniently enough, because she was also recovering from her spay, she was already wearing an elizabethean collar to prevent her from biting at her sutures, and that helped stop her from getting at her paws. But I couldn’t keep the collar on her forever - she had to eat and drink and so under my watchful eye, I would regularly remove the collar for a brief time to give her some peace. And then one day, during one of those brief moments without the collar, I turned my back on her while eating, for just a minute, only to come back and find that she had chewed her right back paw completely raw! It was bleeding, she wasn’t happy and I was upset with myself for getting distracted. I promptly disinfected her paw using Dr. Dobias’ Healing Solution (a natural anti bacterial, anti fungal spray), wrapped it up in gauze and put a sock on her paw and started looking for answers. Poor little Mia, so itchy! I needed to figure out a way to bring her some relief. From day one I had eliminated all grains from her diet in case it was a grain intolerance (and because I don’t believe grain has any place in a carnivores diet) and while I saw many improvements in her fur and overall health, the itchiness remained.

Dealing with food intolerances and yeast infections on a daily basis at work, I was already familiar with Dr. Karen Becker’s video on foot soaks and decided to try it out for myself:



In this video Dr.Karen Becker talks about the various allergens and yeast infections that can lead your dog to licking their paws obsessively. It was suggested that the licking could be behavioural, but after close inspection and the standard smell test, her paws did in fact smell of yeast. Foot soak time!

I started the povidone iodine soaks and after just 2 soaks I noticed huge improvements with her paws! The attempts to chew and lick her paws markedly decreased, and that yeasty smell I noticed pretty much disappeared. Bonus? Povidone iodine is very inexpensive and easy to find! I picked some up at my local pharmacy.
It’s been a full week since I started these foot soaks and I’m happy to report that her right back paw is no longer inflamed and is healing wonderfully. She also licks her other 3 paws much less.
The povidone idonine soaks along with Dr. Dobia’s Healing Solution has worked wonders for Mia and I couldn’t be more thankful!  



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