Jess here: As you may already know February is pet dental month, and while it seems that every month has its issue, this one is actually quite important. With periodontal disease being the most common clinical condition occurring in adult dogs and cats it is estimated that by the age of three 4 out of 5 pets have some evidence of periodontal disease. To give you some background, periodontal disease includes gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) and periodontitis (loss of bone and soft tissue around the teeth). If that isn’t bad enough, bacteria from the mouth can enter the bloodstream and be carried around the body. In fact, periodontal disease has been associated with damage to the heart, liver, and kidneys as pets age. Unfortunately, most pet owners are unaware of the state of their pet’s dental health and brush off one of the only early signs (bad breath) as “doggie breath”.


With that being said I want to introduce you to someone. This is Mini. Mini has bad breath, or to be more specific, he had bad breath.



I know just as well as you all do that bad breath is often just the tip of the iceberg, so I wanted to address the problem before it got out of hand. Professional cleanings are not only pricy, but can be dangerous as well. So I set out to find a product that fit my small list of demands: natural and easy to use. I have tried brushing in the past and although the boys are pretty cooperative (as far as cats go) I didn’t really have the time to do it as much as I should. With that being said, I’m often sceptical of products that seem just a bit too easy, and when I came across PetzLife that’s exactly how I felt, sceptical. From the moment I opened the PetzLife oral gel in the salmon flavour I was sure it wouldn’t help Mini’s breath. Especially since it smells like a fishy breath mint, not very promising! As I would soon find out I wasn’t the only one who disliked the smell. The look on their faces when I put it in their mouth was priceless! I have a lot of people ask me, “Will my dog/cat like the taste?” To be honest, probably not. That’s not the point though is it? My cats don’t always know what’s best for them; I mean just last week they ate through tinfoil to lick chicken grease… I don’t do it because they will like it; I do it because it’s important for their health. Sure they ran off at first, but after five minutes they were back in my lap purring. No harm, no foul.



Ultimately their temporary anger was definitely worth it because I saw a change in Mini’s breath in only two days! For that reason I would say that PetzLife has turned a sceptic into a believer! I absolutely recommend this product; PetzLife comes in a spray or a gel and requires no brushing. It is an all-natural solution that breaks down plaque and tartar, works under the gum line to help heal gum tissue, and kills the bacteria that cause bad breath.


In the end just remember: good dental health is important for our pets. I can’t imagine any of you would go too long without brushing your teeth and our pets need the same care. It’s unfortunate that periodontal disease is so prevalent considering it is such a preventable problem. Granted, some breeds are more prone to dental problems, but they just need that much more attention! It’s important to start the routine of dental care early, but it’s never too late! Regular brushing, sprays or gels, combined with a species appropriate diet and regular chewing can spare your pet pain and discomfort while helping you avoid unnecessary vet bills.


I mean come on, look at those pearly whites!

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