Venison heart, anyone?


Viki here: When Natalie's not in the store serving our lovely customers, she's preparing and grinding Bailey Blu's in-house raw food blends. I can say this with all honesty, very few people work as hard as she does.


This is what sets Raw by Bailey Blu apart from other raw food companies.


For the last 7 years Natalie has been committed to providing Montreal’s cats and dogs with the best quality, balanced, human grade raw meat diets available anywhere else in the city. Our blends are prepared in a MAPAQ* certified facility, and we only use the best cuts of muscle meat, real ground bone, fresh vegetables and a variety of organ meats, including heart, liver and kidney.


Natalie is especially proud to control every aspect of production: all of our ingredients are locally sourced and are then ground and packaged in eco-friendly compostable containers by her and her team, right here in Montreal.


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