Separation anxiety if one of the most common social disorders among dogs and occurs among cats as well. As soon as you took your pet home, that pet started to form a bond with you that continued to grow. That bond is important in a healthy relationship between you and your pet, but when your pet becomes too dependant problems can arise. Dogs with separation anxiety often act out when they are left home alone. You might come home to find your dog has destroyed furniture, defecated on the floor and barked all day long. Your dog may also whine and show signs of depression in your absence. Often dogs with separation anxiety will also become over-excited upon the return of their owners. Cats can also experience separation anxiety, though it is not as common as it is in dogs. Symptoms are often less noticeable than they are in dogs, as anxious cats tend to be less destructive. If you notice your cat is exhibiting saddened behaviours every time you prepare to leave the house, or is excessively attached to you when you are home then your cat may have anxiety issues. Like dogs, cats with separation anxiety may forget about their house training when you are gone. Treating separation anxiety in your pets involves reducing stress or panic they feel without your presence. It is not a matter of reducing the bond that you share. The herbs found in Home Alone are calming herbs that help your pet relax. They can help your pets to stay happy when you aren’t around, so you don’t have to worry about leaving them at home. DOSAGE: Determine your pet’s weight. Select the correct dose from the chart based on this weight. Using the included plastic dropper, squirt appropriate dose directly onto your pet’s food or into their mouth. Take two times a day. Use long term for best results. 0-25 lbs: 0.5 mL 26-50 lbs: 1.0 mL 51-75 lbs: 1.5 mL Over 76 lbs: 2.0 mL INGREDIENTS: Valerian root, Horsetail grass, Black Cohosh root, Hops strobile , Lobelia aerial parts, Skullcap aerial parts, Wood Betony aerial parts, Mistletoe branches, Pulsatilla root , Motherwort aerial parts Seul à la maison est un mélange d'herbes médicinales formulé pour calmer et our réconforter votre animal durant de longues absences. Les herbes médicinales sont utilisées pour atténuer la tension nerveuse tout en aidant à tonifier ou à réguler l'excitation cérébral. Seul à la masion peut aussi être ultilisé pour atténuer l'angoisse que ressent votre animal en voyage. Mode d'utilisation: Choisir la dose appropriée dans le tableau ci-dessous. Ajouter dans la nourriture ou administrer dans la gueule de votre animal. Utilisez à long terme pour des résultats optimaux. Utilisez deux fois par jour. Poids - Dose 0-25 livres - 0.5 ml 26-50 livres - 1.0 ml 51-75 livres - 1.5 ml
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