The Grace Kelly Harness’ design is inspired by the beauty and elegance of Grace Kelly, the Princess of Monaco and a fashion inspiration in the 1950s, who was symbolic for her simplicity and fresh, natural, alluring charm. This exquisite composition possesses the same beautiful appeal as seen in the pastel textiles of the light golden and blush rose fabrics with subtle accents of pearl embroidery. The natural materials used in this attire is executed with delicate precision and pays careful attention to the intricate, detailed craftsmanship, which are similar to the leather purse Grace Kelly popularized and thereafter be known as the Kelly Bag. The royal harness garments a regal ball gown with adorning pearl necklace to outfit the beloved pet princess in classical loveliness as a fashionable couture piece. Size Chart: Size 0: 1-3 lbs, Neck: 10"-11", Chest: 11"-13" Size 1: 3-6 lbs, Neck: 11"-12", Chest: 13"-15" Size 2: 6-10 lbs, Neck: 12"-14", Chest: 15"-17" Size 3: 10-17 lbs, Neck: 14"-16", Chest: 17"-19" Size 4: 17-27 lbs, Neck: 16"-18", Chest: 19"-22" Size 5: 27-41 lbs, Neck: 18"-20", Chest: 22"-25" Size 6: 41-60 lbs, Neck: 20"-22", Chest: 24''-28'' Confortable, facile à ajuster et facile à enfiler. Le harnais Pretty Paw est idéale pour une promenade avec style ! Charte de grandeurs: Grandeur 0: 1-3 lbs, Cou: 10"-11", Poitrine: 11"-13" Grandeur 1: 3-6 lbs, Cou: 11"-12", Poitrine: 13"-15" Grandeur 2: 6-10 lbs, Cou: 12"-14", Poitrine: 15"-17" Grandeur 3: 10-17 lbs, Cou: 14"-16", Poitrine: 17"-19" Grandeur 4: 17-27 lbs, Cou: 16"-18", Poitrine 19"-22" Grandeur 5: 27-41 lbs, Cou: 18"-20", Poitrine: 22"-25" Grandeur 6: 41-60 lbs, Cou: 20"-22", Poitrine: 24''-28''
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